Homemade Sleep Aids and Remedies

Homemade Sleep Aids

Insomnia is a common concern for many, but most don’t realize that a good night’s sleep can often be found right inside their kitchen cabinet. Over the counter sleep aids often result in unwanted side effects and have been known to cause user dependency.

The cost alone might be enough to send insomnia sufferers searching for natural sleep remedies that are effective and safe. If this describes you, look no further for here are the top five homemade sleep aids that are not only cost efficient, but also easy to prepare and access.

Herbal Sleep Aids

Chamomile and lavender have long been heralded for their ability to induce restfulness and can be prepared several ways to promote sleep. 


Chamomile has relaxant properties and contains glycine which has been shown to aid in calming the nerves. The most traditional use of chamomile in treating insomnia would be to prepare it in tea form. Chamomile tea can be found at most grocers or drugstores, grown at home in an herb garden or bought in bulk online at a retailer such as bulkherbstore.com or mountainroseherbs.com. Chamomile should be avoided by allergy sufferers who react to ragweed or chrysanthemum, and also those taking blood thinners.


Lavender, like chamomile, can be prepared in tea form and either grown at home or purchased lavendar sleep aidin bulk as well. Lavender is a wonderful addition to a chamomile tea blend; however, the most common use of lavender to treat sleep issues is aromatherapy. Dried lavender in a sachet, under the pillow, is a comforting way to bring on rest. Lavender oil may also be used in a diffuser or on a cottonball near the place where you rest your head at night. Do not take lavender internally if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or are scheduled for surgery in the following two weeks.

Ancient Wisdom

3.Warm Milk

Wives’ tale or proven remedy? Most sleep experts seem to conclude that sipping on a warm cup of milk before bed really can bring on a more restful sleep. This can be attributed to both the warming effect the beverage has on the body and the soothing effect it can bring to the lining of the stomach.

Helpful Habits

 4.Night Notebook

sleep diary Often, those who suffer from insomnia are also plagued by worry or stress. Keeping a notebook next to the bed to jot down nagging thoughts or to do lists that require action in the morning, can calm a overly busy mind and create a more restful thought stream. 

5.White Noise

While lying awake in the dark, there is nothing more irking than having your attention drawn to the storm door creaking in the wind or the sound of the air conditioner turning on or making a popping sound as it shuts off. Mask sound distractions with the gentle hum of a fan or a calming nature CD. Some people find that the sound of the ocean or a heartbeat are particularly restful.

These five natural sleep aids can help to create a night-time routine that will create a soothing environment, a calmer mind and and ultimately- a well-rested you!

Photo credits: PSD, Hey Paul